How To Get Referral Bonuses From Online Gaming Bandarq Agents

How To Get Referral Bonuses From Online Gaming Bandarq Agents – In modern times with this sophisticated technology we can make money on qq online gaming agents, how? Take it easy, this time I’ll give you hints and tips to get the referral bonus game to Indonesian officers who have the highest bonus promotions.

In fact, to get a promotion bonus given by all online gambling sites in Indonesia is very easy. Terms and conditions are also very easy to complete, especially now that online gaming sites have been found in the world of online gaming in Indonesia.

How To Get Referral Bonuses From Online Gaming Bandarq Agents

So for those of you who want to get a reference promotional bonuses given by online gaming agents in Indonesia and do not understand how to get here, I’ll give you an explanation of how to get it. Keep following my article interesting this time to discuss.

Before you want to get a coupon referral bonus of 20% given by the game officials Indonesian online, you must register. Because that order to obtain the reference code you need when you want to get this referral bonus of 20%. If you have registered on the online gaming site following later. Then, you save your friends using the refella code you have already registered. Make sure when saving your friend, you must enter your code referall when recording.

You can also promote your blog by referall code, BBM, forums or other. There, you can get even more people who are interested in using the referrall code you have in this game. You can talk with an agent submitting the bonus code referrall

How Referrall Bonus Do you have any game Pkv Games online agents

20% referral bonus agen bandarq This bonus is a special bonus for those of you who are good at SEO. Because of this bonus, you can negotiate, how to calculate as follows.
Example: Your Downline reference wins IDR 100,000 multiplied by 3% Table Discount (IDR 3000) Bonus: 3000 x 10% = 300
– 10% BONUS (first) = Bonus primary care will be entered into the account number automatically (IDR 300)
– 10% BONUS (second) = Bonus Second referral will be entered into the account number manually (IDR 300)

The 20% referral bonus requirement is that there is no turnover on account number
If there is a turnover in your account ID, only the first 10% Referral Bonus applies. This 10% Referral Bonus will be distributed once a week every Saturday.

More friends or colleagues you invite to play at the site of the game agent online that I will give below. Then, the more bonuses you get, and try if you want to get a 20% bonus promo games online pure, make sure you do not play your ID.
If your username is TO or you play, you will get a 10% referral bonus to be distributed automatically, the bonus, you’ll get easily.

Well, this is a review of our article on how to get referral bonuses that you can get gaming agents online game. Good luck with a third party!