Difference Gold and Stock Investment

The difference gold investment and stock investment is the level of risk of loss and profit that cannot be known with certainty, because the fluctuating rate of the price is different.

For example IHSG (Composite Stock Price Index), at any time the price of the stock in a matter of minutes can reach an increase that is so high that it can even reach thousands of points per day, as well as the level of negligence or decline in price, at one time the price can immediately dropped so dramatically to thousands of points per day.

The difference gold and stock investment, on 1 day the rate of price increase is only a matter of hundreds of points per day in just a few hours, as well as falling prices in 1 day which only drops hundreds of points in a matter of hours per day.

If compared between stock investment and gold investment is clearly much different gold and stock investment. For the level of security / losses achieved, gold investment has a very low level of loss, because of the fluctuating price movements that can minimize the level of losses, so investors can be more careful in managing their funds.

Gold Investment Opportunities in the Business World

One of the most promising business opportunities for long-term profits is difference gold and stock investment. We need to know that investment includes various fields such as land, gold, foreign currency and shares. Of the four investments, gold investment is most in demand.

Investment is a term with several meanings related to finance and economics. The term relates to the accumulation of an asset form with an expectation of gaining future profits. Sometimes, investment is also called as capital investment.

Definition of Investment

Based on economic theory, investment means the purchase (and production) of capital goods not consumed but used for future production (production goods). For example, building a railroad or factory. Investment is a component of GDP with the formula GDP = C + I + G + (X-M).

The investment function in this aspect is divided into non-residential investments (such as factories and machinery) and residential investment (new homes). Investment is a function of income and interest rate, seen in relation to I = (Y, i).

An increase in income will encourage greater investment, where a higher interest rate will reduce interest in investment as it will be more expensive than borrowing money.

Even if another company chooses to use its own funds for investment, the interest rate indicates an opportunity cost of investing the fund rather than lending to get interest.


Some investment products are known as securities or securities. Definition of securities is an instrument of ownership that can be transferred in the form of securities, shares / bonds, proof of debt (Promissory Notes), interest or participation in a collective agreement (Mutual Funds), Right to buy a share (Rights), guarantee for buy shares in the future or instruments that can be traded.


  • The investment of land is expected with increasing population and land use; land prices will increase in the future.
  • Investment of education with increasing knowledge and expertise, it is expected to find greater employment and income.
  • Invest investment the company is expected to benefit from the results of work or research.
  • Investment of foreign currencies investors are expected to benefit from the strengthening of foreign exchange rates against local currencies


Besides being able to increase one’s income, investment also carries financial risks if the investment fails. Investment failure is caused by many things, including security (either from natural disasters or caused by human factors), or legal order.

Gold Investment

Gold investment in Indonesia is currently experiencing a very rapid development, because besides being safer it also has not too much risk. Difference stock investment and gold.

Here we will discuss in full how investors invest in gold both in terms of On-Line investment or in real terms. Because many investors think that investing their funds or investing in gold is more or less influenced by the market share of either currency or shares.

Definition of Gold Investment

Gold investment is an attractive type of investment tool. Gold investment is seen by most investors as a safe investment tool and has been carried out since time immemorial. Difference gold and stock investment in gold futures investments usually have an estimate of costs and contracts that must be approved by investors to start investing.

The place or center of running prices that is going on in every oriented brokerage trading broker in London, which is why the term used in gold futures is Loco London Gold.

Basically, the notion of investment is the purchase and production of goods that are not for consumption purposes but are used for future production (in the economic sense).

Examples of items that can be bought and produced for later invested such as land, gold, houses, stocks, foreign exchange, and so forth. If it is adjusted to its capacity for beginner investors who are still and currently studying gold investment, gold and land investment are the two types of investments that are the easiest and most profitable processes.

Difference gold and stock investment that is relatively easy to do and very promising because gold investment is an investment that is tax-free, easily liquidated if needed, not affected by the financial situation and economic crisis, free of inflation, not influenced by various government decisions, can be used as savings, prices selling is higher than the purchase price, and can be used for future savings.

How to invest in gold

In the community, there has been a popular way of investing gold that is considered profitable, as follows:

  • Make physical purchases of gold (gold jewelry, gold bars, and gold coins) when the price drops and then sell it when the price rises in the market.
  • For gold investment, it is better for beginners who are still learning gold investment not to buy gold jewelery because gold jewelery does not have a standard standard compared to gold coins and gold bullion. Besides that, there is a cost of making Rp. 60,000 / gram and the aesthetic element in it makes gold jewelery more suitable to be used as fashion accessories and less profitable to be used as future investment.
  • Save gold in a bank or pawnshop by first getting accurate information about the gold savings.
  • Conducting purchases of gold bars or precious metals by way of credit through pawnshops with the calculation of the repayment period of around 5-6 months and the target of ownership of gold weighing 5 grams to 25 grams.
  • Do gold purchases in the right place and trusted. For gold jewelry, you can get it in gold jewelry stores and for gold bars, you should buy through PT. Aneka Tambang or PT. ANTAM always includes official certificates containing gold content and authenticity.
  • Using the financial institutions such as pawnshops to pawn gold into business capital so that gold will not disappear. The pawned gold can be redeemed or extended for a period of time.

Types of Gold Investment

1. Gold Bar Investment

Beginner investors who are studying Peru gold investment understand that gold bullion investment is very easy to resell because of its high liquidity and profitability because it is not subject to a 10% deduction for manufacturing costs and like gold jewelery.

2. Investment in Gold Coins

This investment is subject to 10% VAT and its lower value compared to gold bullion. Muslims assume that having gold coins as a form of worship because of its function that can be used as a cost of the pilgrimage.

3. Investment in Gold Mining Shares

Investors make this investment by buying shares in a trusted gold mining company.

4. Investment in Gold Mutual Funds

Investors do not have physical gold with brokers of gold mining companies, but this investment is less popular in Indonesia because of the complexity of things to consider such as management costs, net asset value, and funding burden.

5. Gold Futures Investment

Gold futures investment is quite risky because investors must be able to predict the movement of gold quickly in the future. In addition, in this gold investment investors do not get physical gold and there are contracts with a certain period of time that must be obeyed.

Types of Difference Gold and Stock Investment

The definition or benefits of the gold investment above are:

1. Gold Bullion: Gold in the form of precious metals (ingots). To buy a block of gold / gold bars it needs to be accompanied by certificates issued by PT (Persero) Aneka Tambang Precious Metals Unit.

2. Gold Jewelery (Gold Jewelery): It is a popular way to buy gold. But actually it is not the best way to invest in gold, because usually there is a cost of craftsmen, mark up sales and other factors.

3. Upcoming Gold / online trading (Gold Futures / Gold trading On-line): A contract to buy or sell a certain amount of gold at a certain price and on a certain date.

4. Gold Certificate (Gold Cerfiticates): Shows ownership of a certain quantity of gold stored in a bank safe (ank vault). Goodness of the gold certificate: investors don’t need to worry about the security of their own physical gold storage and purchasing gold certificates can relieve sales tax compared to buying blocks or keeping gold.

Motivation to Invest in Gold

Inflation: if the inflation rate increases while the interest rate almost or does not cover the inflation rate. then the motivation of investors to buy gold arises so that the price increases.

National and international stability: If political tensions escalate, it triggers investors to divert investment in gold.

Gold as an investment

Gold is a fairly speculative investment vehicle where prices can fluctuate. In Indonesia, the price of gold continues to rise but with a low rate of increase. Because the source of the potential yield of gold is only in the form of price appreciation, gold investment is only profitable when the inflation rate is high and or political instability.

However, storing gold in large quantities in addition to being risky is also not always profitable if the price increase does not keep pace with the inflation rate or the prevailing interest rate, especially because gold does not provide running income.

Transaction costs in gold are in the form of commissions, mark ups and taxes. But transaction costs differ depending on the type of gold and the quantity.

While stock and gold investment has a considerable risk of loss, because the price movements are very fast, making investors unable to control their funds more carefully. And the level of psychology of investors also affects them in making decisions in transactions.

Advantages of Physical Gold Investment

Gold and stock investment now comes in various forms and packaging, but you have to make sure that investing in gold physically (bars / coins) has more benefits than investing gold in other forms.

Here are 6 reasons and advantages that you deserve to consider to prefer to invest in physical gold:

  • Protect Wealth (Wealth Preservation)

Gold “preserves” the value of our wealth. The increase in gold value compared to the rupiah each year is always much higher than the increase in inflation. This makes our wealth sustainable, not consumed by the evil of inflation.

Low to Medium Risk (Medium to low Risk Investment)

Gold is an investment with medium risk tends to be low with yields that increase in value which is quite high at a certain time period.

  • Tangible Asset

Rights of Ownership (Private Property Rights)
The gold bars / coins that you have are your personal property. The real gold / coin character makes it independent, not dependent on certain institutions. You can do anything about the gold you have.

  • Easy to withdraw (Liquid Asset)

Gold is the easiest asset to sell anywhere and at time, not dependent on institutions. Even you can make gold as collateral for debt (pawn), very rarely other investments can act like that.

  • Free Tax (Tax Free)

In Indonesia, gold bars are included as production commodities that are not taxed. So if you invest in gold bars, you have invested in tax-free assets.

Weakness of Gold Investment

Each type of investment certainly has its own character, has advantages and disadvantages. Likewise with gold investment, besides having many advantages, gold investment also has weaknesses and this should be recognized and understood.

What are the weaknesses in gold investment? let’s try discussing it. The first disadvantage is in terms of leverage. There is not much you can do to supplement your income with this gold investment.

Especially if you invest in installments through Islamic banks, so you do not have control of your gold because it is still deposited at the bank.

In addition to property prices that continue to rise each year, you also get additional profits from the rental property. The next disadvantage is that the real impact on microeconomics is real (real). This means that the greater you invest gold that is not automatically, the more economic turnaround will be.

It’s different if you investment in gold mutual funds or stocks, where investment money plays a direct role in economic turnover and increases the performance of the companies that you buy shares.

Here are some of the disadvantages of gold investment:

Must have a special place. Very high risk if we store gold bars in the house especially in large quantities, even though you believe the house is safe, you still need a safe to store the gold.

Unlike property investment, the commodity is real, like a building that is not likely to be stolen. For that, if you play with a gold investment, you have to think carefully about the security of the gold. If you are afraid to save at home, you can save it at a bank that has provided its own place so you feel safe.

Economic Conditions Greatly Affect Prices

Slow price increase. When economic conditions are stable and calm, the increase in gold prices will tend to be slow. But when the economic crisis occurs the value of gold will increase rapidly, the reason is because when the economic crisis occurs, investors will tend to choose safer investments and gold is considered the safest.

So the increase in gold prices will occur when the economic crisis comes, if the economy is stable then the increase in gold prices will be slow. To get around this you must be observant in seeing the state of the world gold market so knowing when it’s time to buy and when to sell.

Beware of Buy and Sell Values

The difference gold and stock investment in the buy and sell value that is the same as when you buy foreign currency is around 2-4%.

In every investment not everything benefits but there is also a level of risk that must be faced.

For example, in investing in gold futures or with an online trading system. Usually investments in online trading every broker has an estimate in investment or commonly referred to as a margin.

From the government, a nominal standardization of US $ 1 has been established = Rp. 10,000, – and at PT. XX Futures set a minimum investment or minimum Margin once open an investment account of US $ 10,000 = Rp. 100,000,000.

Accurate Calculation is the Key to Success

That way Mr. Tejo has gained a profit of 50 points according to what he wants. That way the calculation of the benefits obtained are:

50 point X Rp.100,000 X 1 = Rp. 5,000,000. This is the result of the profit of one transaction of Mr. Tejo, but this is not the net result that Mr. Tejo received because of Rp. 400,000, – means a profit of Rp. 5,000,000 – Rp. 400,000 = Rp. 4,600,000.

But the case is different from that of Mr. Tejo, if Mr. Tejo got a profit, then Mr. Rino suffered a loss. That is equal to 1 lot of guarantee funds that he guaranteed when he transacted in the amount of Rp. 10,000,000. Because the count is immediately deducted by 100 points per transaction.

From the example above we can conclude that investors will never guess how much profit and loss they will get.

Looking at the benefits obtained by Mr. Tejo, which amounted to Rp. 4,600,000, – means that the funds invested by Mr. Tejo in gold futures will increase by Rp. 104,600,000. While the loss experienced by Mr. Rino is Rp. 10,000,000, – the remaining funds in Mr. Rino’s gold futures investment are Rp. 90,000,000, –

How to Calculate International Gold Prices

Before calculating we must know some basic concepts. The prices listed are in units of US Dollars with a troy ounce. We must change the weight of troy ounces to units of gram weight. From the unit weight of gram, we convert the value of US Dollar to rupiah.

1 Troy Ounce is equivalent to or equal to 31,1034768 grams (For convenience we take the number 31.1 gram). The exchange rate of the US Dollar to Indonesia Rupiah has always fluctuated. For ease of explanation we take the benchmark 1 USD = 9,300 IDR.

Ways to Calculate World Gold or International Prices

1650.95 USD / Troy ounce we convert it to gram first by dividing the number by the value 31.1.
The results obtained are 53.08 USD / gram.
After knowing the price of US Dollar per gram, we will convert it to the value of the rupiah. Conversion is done by multiplying the (latest) rupiah exchange rate against US Dollar.
Example 53.08 x 9,300 = Rp. 493,644 / gram
From these calculations we know the world gold price or international is IDR 493,644 / gram

32.25 USD / Troy ounce we convert it to gram first by dividing the number by the value 31.1. The result obtained is 1.03 USD / gram.
After knowing the price of US Dollar per gram, we will convert it to the value of the rupiah. Conversion is done by multiplying the Rupiah (latest) exchange rate against US Dollar against Indonesian Rupiah.
Example: 1.03 x 9,300 = Rp9,643 / gram
From these calculations we know the world or international silver price is IDR 9,643 / gram

Why is the price of international gold / silver not the same as in the country

Due to supply factors and demand for goods. Market factors still influence goods and prices. World prices apply if we travel to the New York Mercantile Exchange and buy directly there and then bring it back to Indonesia.

If we do that right, then surely it is impossible to sell according to the world gold price in relation to transportation, insurance, accommodation and other costs incurred to hold such goods in Indonesia.

Domestic Mining Give Different Touch

So is the case with domestic mining. Of course there are related costs to get the item until it reaches our hands. Therefore, it is only natural if the world gold price is not always accurate, exactly the price in Indonesia.

The refining and printing unit owned by PT Antam Tbk. located in Jakarta. Because of the costs of transportation, insurance and handling, the price cannot be equated. Currently from PT Antam Tbk. there is indeed an attempt to harmonize with expansion into Surabaya.

We can see PT Antam itself trying to align prices in Jakarta and Surabaya. For gold shops outside Jakarta, which sells Gold Logam Mulia, this is still a problem. Due to the costs explained, it makes them sometimes difficult to sell at the same price as in the Jakarta area.

Causes of Gold Prices Down

The following by bandar toto are some of the things that affect the price of gold and cause the price of gold to rise or fall:

1. World Economic Situation

When the economic crisis in America happened in 2008, people preferred to save gold because they felt the paper fell. As a result, the price of gold skyrocketed. Economic conditions.

The economic condition of society can have a lot of influence on the price of gold, especially because almost 80% of the world’s demand for gold is usually for jewelry. However, the trend of buying jewelry remains not the main gold price indicator because there are still other factors that must be taken into account.

2. World Political Situation

The heat of the world political situation, such as when America invaded Iraq, helped boost the price of gold.

3. Rising Gold Demand

The high demand for gold purchases and the presence of gold on the market can affect the price of gold. One striking example is the high price of gold when the Euro began to take effect. The demand for gold can be from factories to produce goods or from state technologies such as China and India.

Advanced Countries Have High Purchasing Power

China and India are the biggest gold buyers in the World. If the demand of these two countries rises, this will boost the price of gold. In India alone the demand for gold rose

4. Interest rates

When interest rates rise, many save money in the form of deposits. When interest rates fall, gold becomes a choice. This causes prices to rise.

5. US Dollar Prices

When the price of the US dollar falls, the price of gold usually rises. Investors immediately seek a safe form of investment as an alternative when the dollar from a high level decreases.

6. Oil prices

Usually the effect does not occur directly. For example, when oil prices rise, there could be excessive inflation that causes the price of gold to go up.

Gold Prices Decline

Demand for gold purchases rose, prices rose. Many people must be wondering why gold (gold) suddenly fell significantly. What caused this to happen?

1. American Federal Reserve

US Central Bank, or better known as the Federal Reserve, issued a policy called Operation Twist. This policy is to sell American bonds (bonds) with short maturities, and use funds to buy debt securities with long maturities (10 years or more).

What is important from Operation Twist is the effect on the market. As a result of the sale of debt securities with a short maturity, the interest rate of these short-term bonds has risen and is quite promising for hedge funds / mutual funds that manage large funds.

2. Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds and Panic in the Market

Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds (firms or individuals whose job is to manage investment funds from a large number of investors) simultaneously switch to hunting for American short-term debt described in the first point.

Big Share of US Dollars

Countries that issue debt securities can print money to pay debts / interest from debentures previously issued. As a result of the hunt for debt securities, mutual funds and hedge funds are moving their funds together to buy the bonds.

The funds they use are by selling an investment instrument that they previously held.

When the above happens, the gold market will drop significantly, and the results cause panic and chain effects among hedge funds and other investors. As a result there was a sell-off.


So the conclusion that can be taken is that any form of investment, whether it is gold investment or any investment, the form must have a different risk.

It depends on how the investors themselves are wise enough to manage their funds or not. So it is very suitable if it is used as an investment for the long term.