Hospitality Become World Identities

Hospitality become world identities one of the countries in the continent of Southeast Asia, famous for hospitality is Indonesia. Many foreign tourists after visiting Indonesia said this.

The friendly nature of Indonesian people is a manifestation of the cultural values ​​that exist in society. Almost all cultures in Indonesia teach about manners and being kind. The majority of Indonesian people themselves still adhere to those values.

Award as a friendly nation is not a mere figment. According to Pandji Pragiwaksono in his book Finding Indonesia, when compared to Singapore, the friendly nature will be very visible. According to him, it is very difficult to find a taxi driver there who smiles at the passengers.

But this reality also needs to be a reflection of the Indonesian people. The friendly attitude of the Indonesian people is indeed Indonesian people are very friendly and kind, or maybe other people of the country are being jutek. So that it highlights the Indonesian people who are a little friendly.

If indeed the Indonesian people are friendly people. So that good values ​​continue to stick, and become a national identity. The opposite applies, if there are cultural elements that are not good then it needs to be eliminated.

Besides being friendly, Indonesian people have a relaxed nature.  The life of the majority of Indonesians goes with a slow rhythm. There are still many Indonesian people who hold the principle of “everything can be arranged”.

Message About Of Hospitality Become World Identities

The message of the Pragiwaksono Pandji in his book is that Indonesian people need to recognize their own culture. Describe existing culture into words.

If the unique word does not have the equivalent of words from other languages, it could be a culture that does exist in Indonesia.

If a unique word that describes a culture means good, then that culture needs to be maintained. But if the unique word tends to be negative, then that culture needs to be eliminated. Like culture, for example.

Friendliness The Key to the Success of Bali Tourism

This is not the first time the author interacts with Kuta beach children. Since the 1990s, since teenagers have penetrated Kuta. And, the atmosphere of Kuta Legian still offers an almost equal aroma and atmosphere.

Tourism is the cheapest sector to create jobs. Politicians damage people’s livelihoods with a campaign of anti-pluralism, and the tourism sector can be affected, reported by situs bandar togel

One of the prominent things that attracts tourism is when the destination has three attractions at once.

First natural tourism, both cultural tourism, and third shopping and culinary tourism as a complement, in addition to adequate facilities and accommodations.

Tolerance is Hospitality World Identities

Bali is Indonesia’s tourist magnet because it has a great culture and civilization that is unique and not owned by any world. This is similar to Thailand. Other regions such as Labuan Bajo, Tana Toraja, are also interesting but not as great as Bali’s complete attractiveness.

One contributor to tourism attractiveness is a high level of tourism awareness. The bitter experience of economic destruction they had experienced. They learned from the economic destruction caused by Bali Bombing I and II. That the Balinese economy turns out to be 70% supported by tourism activities.

An open and tolerant society is an attraction. Because actually people as tourism actors are objects and subjects that are very central in the life of tourism in an area. Hospitality and openness in accepting the presence of tourists who are not the object of extortion is one of the keys to the success of Bali as a world tourist destination.